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Foreverhome Pet Rescue Needs Your Help!

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on March 11, 2009

We have never, in all of ouryears of rescue, been in such a position. Once in a while an animal will require extensive
veterinary care for one reason or another… but we have recently been hit hard with three major vet bills as follows:

Budweiser (formerly known as Harvey) is a 10 month old Golden Retriever mix – he was found on the side of the
freeway after having fallen from the back of a truck. He severed the nerve in his shoulder and without use of his entire
leg, it had to be amputated. We took him in to our adoption program to prevent him from going to a very high kill shelter
where his injuries would have meant certain euthanasia. He’s just a puppy, has no idea he’s now missing a leg…
he’s very waggy and wonderful and thankful to be alive. He is now in a loving foster home and available for adoption…
but of course his vet bill for surgery and after-care was enormous.

Hanna was a 4 year old Shnauzer/Silky mix that was rescued from the Lancaster shelter where she was scheduled
for euthanasia. She only had one working eye because at some point in her life someone kicked her in the head and the
injury was never treated. Hanna came to us scared and skin and bones, but quickly settled in to her foster home and
enjoyed some love and company and quality food. Only a few days into her rescue, Hanna became very ill and was
diagnosed with pneumonia and stopped eating. She spent several days at the vet’s office and after xrays and ultrasounds
was further diagnosed with an intestinal inclusion (her Intestines wrapped around eachother). She also had several
underlying congenital issues and would eventually need to have her eye removed because of that earlier injury. She was
miserable – and because of her condition was not a candidate for surgery…. because intestinal inclusions are re-occurring
and because her system was so weak from a lifetime of trauma – after much heartbreak and over a thousand dollars of
medical care, we had to let Hanna go.

Daisy is a 4 year old Corgi/Eskimo mix that wandered into someone’s backyard two years ago pregnant. She had her
puppies and when the puppies were about 4 months old the family decided they didn’t want them anymore and they
opened up their gate and turned the hose on them… but they wouldn’t leave. We were informed of the situation and rushed
over to get Daisy and her pups out of that nightmare. Her pups were all adopted, but she has been overlooked all this time.
Daisy was diagnosed with bladder stones this past weekend and requires surgery to remove them this week… which,
ultimately will cost over a thousand dollars. Daisy will also require prescription food for the rest of her life – and she
still needs a home…

Foreverhome Pet Rescue is a “mom and pop shop” grassroots nonprofit organization… we don’t receive any regular
funding – and easily half of our operating costs come out of our personal pockets. We are not an organization that
brings in 100K per year either – in 2007 we brought in 24K in donations, and spent well over 40K on the animals. We do
not have paid staff – we are all volunteers and we all work normal full time jobs like the rest of the world… but our
evenings and weekends are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused, neglected and abandoned
animals in our communities…. and sometimes in that mission we “get in over our heads” and must ask for help.

If you are able to assist us with a donation towards these recent veterinary expenses, we can certainly provide you with a
tax deduction letter and a BIG waggy lick on the face! (or not!) J

The link to our Paypal donation page is here:
please specify that the donation is for Buddy/Hanna/Daisy

Or, if you are more comfortable calling in a donation directly to our veterinarian with a credit card – please call:
East Valley Veterinary, 818-767-7116 – please specify donation for Foreverhome Pet Rescue, Inc.

Thank you for supporting our mission…. and thank you for caring about the animals!

Please also forward this email to anyone you know who loves animals and may be willing or able to help!
Posts on MySpace and Facebook would also be appreciated!

(Note: we BCC’d everyone on this email to protect your privacy)

Foreverhome Pet Rescue, Inc.


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