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Rest in Peace, Daisy….

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on December 9, 2008

Sweet, Soft, Daisy….

Tears have fallen for you. We’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.




The week before the 4th of July a very good friend of Foreverhome asked if she could bail a couple of dogs out of a city shelter. All of us in rescue know that 4th of July brings in many, many stray dogs due to the fireworks – and every year hundreds of animals in the shelters are euthanized to make space for the influx of 4th of July dogs…. so the lives she wanted to save were in imminent danger. Of course we agreed, and she bailed out two senior Cocker Spaniels – both from different homes, and both dumped by their families at the shelter.


Daisy was a sweet, waggy, wonderful Golden Cocker girl who had the best temperament of any Cocker we’ve ever met. She was so happy to be out of the shelter, to have a place to call home, to have someone love her, walk her, play with her, talk to her – just to be with her. Right off, Daisy had mastitis (tumors on her chest) and needed surgery. Her first surgery ended up pulling her chest skin too tight and she required a 2nd surgery. Her savior, Bernice, took care of her during all of her down time and she knew that this sweet girl had love and life in her that could not be denied. She finally healed from surgery and and started to behave like a normal, happy, dog. She started to come to adoptions to look for that special family that will adopt a senior dog.


Then, a few weeks ago she began to have trouble walking. She was diagnosed with a herniated disc in her back and began a regimen of arthritis medication and holistics. She had good days and bad days – but she always had Bernice – and Bernice always had visions of Daisy one day sitting on someone’s lap on the couch and watching tv in her “foreverhome”….


Yesterday Daisy stopped getting up and was clearly in horrible pain trying to stand…. after two emergency vet visits overnight for morphine, today our veterinarian determined that her back problems were more than just one disc and she simply was not a candidate for that type of surgery and rehab given her age. Her pain was too much to be managed with any kind of medication or alternative medicine… so, sadly, early this afternoon Bernice held her sweet little head as she was released from her pain.


Thank you, Bernice – for giving Daisy a loving, comfortable, wonderful home her last few months – and thank you for letting her go when it is so heartbreaking to have to do.


Thank you, East Valley Veterinary – Dr. Hohne and Staff – for helping us make Daisy’s last few months as comfortable as possible.



Thank you, Daisy – for blessing us with the opportunity to know you… even if only for a short time. 



And…. Thank you, Karma, for whatever ill will falls upon the family that dumped this sweet, wonderful dog in a shelter with tumors and a bad back in the last few months of her life.

Daisy still has outstanding vet bills from her care – if you are able to donate to help with her vet costs (total to date of over $1500), please visit our donate link:


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