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Some New Doggie Additions!

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on October 22, 2008

We currently have SEVERAL puppies available for adoption – and some recent additions.

The Chihuahua puppies (the grey one and the black one) are still available for adoption. They are super tiny and super cute and little balls of wags and fun! These puppies are “pet store”  type puppies and they will be shown at our South location in Long Beach this coming weekend.

We also have a new Pit mix puppy named Chiquita who is the spitting image of our mascott – she is SUPER sweet and kissy. She was purchased by someone who “didn’t realize” that she would have teeth, I guess, because she relinquished her to us saying that she was “biting” the kids. This puppy is NO biter – she’s just very playful and still very small and wiggly. She has a FANTASTIC personality.

In the next couple of days we will be getting three 8-week old German Shepherd puppies from someone in the south bay who had an “accidental” litter (of course, mommy and daddy will be fixed immediately). Although we don’t yet have them, we’re told that daddy is a purebred black/tan GSD and the pups look just like him… they will be shown at our NORTH location in Porter Ranch.

Tonight we will be taking in a sweet 3 month old Pit mix male puppy who was found running the street with a nasty wound on his tail. Someone had cut off his tail with a knife – and he was probably headed for a life of fighting when he managed to get away from his owners. Fortunately they hadn’t tried to cut his ears of with scissors yet. He is very sweet and darling and his tail is now healing nicely.

Another new addition is Schatze – an absolutely wonderful 5 year old Miniature Poodle. He is healthy, calm, sweet and housebroken. He’s also been around very small children and seems to be fantastic with other dogs and cats.

We have several other mixed breed puppies for adoption – have a visit to our website and find a new family member!


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