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Mandatory Box Inspection

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on August 20, 2008

Anyone who has spent time volunteering for a rescue organization knows that – generally – people suck. Doing animal rescue we do not see the best side of people. Yes, every now and then we meet wonderful people who are doing great work in the humane community – but far more often we hear about and/or witness the truly apathetic, insensitive nature of human beings.

Over the years we have seen many, many injustices towards animals – including animals left in trash cans, tied to poles, kicked so hard that they lose an eye, thrown out of cars into traffic, taped up in boxes on the side of the freeway, left in bathrooms at pet stores…. just to name a few. Having seen what we’ve seen, all of us in rescue participate in what we refer to as the “Mandatory Box Inspection”…

This means that whenever we see a box – wherever we are – we will stop and look inside of it. This is to be sure that there are no kittens or puppies or hamsters in the box. We will stop traffic if necessary, pull over to the side of the freeway, go WAY out of our way to have a peek inside of any suspicious box. Once we determine that there is nothing in the box, we wll then tear the box apart so that nothing can be PUT inside the box. It is a habit that we all have. It’s second nature.

This mornig I went to get gas and coffee (as I do every morning – same station, same time) and there by the bus stop was a suspicious box. Of course I walked over to it… and, as happens more often than not, there were kittens in it and a handwritten “FREE KITTENS” on the side. Why in the HELL would someone leave a box of five week old kittens at a bus stop at a busy intersection? Of course that question is rhetorical – because I wouldn’t even want to hear the twisted logic behind it.

Well, needless to say I was late for work and those kittens are now safe and sound in my bedroom and will eventually be placed into foreverhomes through our organization.

The next time you see a random box in a strange place, stop and have a look… you may just save a life.


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