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Doggies goin’ home!

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on August 13, 2008

This past weekend was a fantastic weekend for us… we have approved applications for TWO doggies…

Our sweet little Rayna (who has been fostered by the Rossi’s for the last couple of months) is going to live in a home that couldn’t be any more perfect. A retired couple that will spend all day fawning over her and keeping her busy. We’re quite sure that she will give them a run for their money with her antics… but in the end, the kisses will win them over! Rayna goes for her home check/delivery tonight! (Tues)

The sweet little white/red Pit mix pup is going to her new home on Thursday. Her new mommy is at home all the time, so Vanna will have company and love 24/7. We only had this girl for a couple of weeks… but she is a very special sweetheart and I’m sure her new mommy and daddy will love her and raise her to be a smart, obedient, loving and loyal dog.

Great week for adoptions! Let’s have another!


One Response to “Doggies goin’ home!”

  1. everythingsjustjake said

    Yay Rayna!

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