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Bottomless grief and endless joy…

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on August 13, 2008

We look into their eyes and our hearts melt. So innocent, so trusting. With a sigh we reach for them, snuggle them close and know that at some point they will leave us.

We can already feel bits of our heart breaking off and floating away.

“Never mind,” we say. “It is what it is and we’ll do our best for this group”.

Our mind nudges us none too gently to remember the last time. It slides out the sharpness of the pain of loss to keep us grounded. We turn a blind eye to the reminder.

“This group will be different,” we say, cross with the deliverer of logic. “This group will grow up to be beautiful and loving and will make our badly bruised heart smile again.”

Gradually they slip away, one by one. Small, helpless victims of a society that glances at the hole they leave and then moves on to other more important things.

The tears slide down our cheeks, splashing onto our shirts leaving temporary marks that only faintly mimic the bruises to our souls and our world.

And yet, we would not trade one tear, one loss for the world that others live in. Some have never felt that tiny rumble of infant purrs, nor heard the soft whimper of puppies that dream fearful dreams, not realizing they are, at last, safe.

Our world is sometimes filled with bottomless grief and endless joy. And to balance that is the in between time when we watch a kitten discover the awesome bigness of life, or a feral cat reach out to rub his cheek against a leg.
To see a puppy run for the sheer joy of running is a symphony of motion and trust that is unequaled. To have a dog no longer cringe when we extend our hand makes it all worthwhile.

The fragile circle does indeed break more often than we would like, but when it is complete and whole again it glows with love and hope.

(C) Copyright 2008 – Linda Gillian

Thanks for letting us post this, Linda

Note: so far the remaining three pups are doing fantastic and will be opening their eyes any minute now! We will post pix of them very soon!


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