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Mama and Puppies update….

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on August 6, 2008

This morning we took mom and her pups all in to see the vet. We were concerned that mom had some overly swollen boobs (two boobs were very hard and sore and the pups weren’t nursing on those two) that may have been an infection called mastitis – in which case it would be a bacterial infection and could kill the pups nursing on her.  We had to know.

Overnight the little runt silver girl was fed every hour and kept warm, and there were at least 3 times when we thought we were going to lose her. Surprisingly she is a little fighter – and this morning was still with us so we took her to the vet as well.

Mommy and her three pups were all given a clean bill of health – her boob swelling is normal (but a bit uncomfortable) and we’ll just be putting hot compresses on it for her several times a day. The three pups she is nursing are all fabulous. Mom weighs 8.5lbs – and the healthy babies weigh 6oz, 5.5oz and 5 oz. – and all are noisy, squeeky, feisty little buggers that the vet said were wonderfully healthy.

The little silver girl weighed in at 3.5oz. We think that she was underdeveloped (probably the last conceived) and needed more time to “cook” in mama than she got. She has a bit of a cleft pallette due to being born early – but so far her lungs are good. They showed us how to tube feed her (this is something I’ve always wanted to know how to do!) and this will give us the best chances of success with her. We are working very hard to save this tiny life… we’ll update daily.

Edited at 3:25pm: Unfortunately the little silver girl passed over the Ranbow Bridge at 2:30 this afternoon. She was a fighter and struggled for her life from the day she was born…. and we, too, fought for her life from the day she was born.  Godspeed, little one – and thank you for allowing us to share your very short life with you. You were truly a gift. There is a 3.5oz hole in my heart.


One Response to “Mama and Puppies update….”

  1. everythingsjustjake said

    aw. poor little thing. she sure tried to fight.

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