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Taking care of babies…

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on August 5, 2008

Our mommy Chihuahua (the one that was running the streets that we finally caught) had her puppies on Sunday night. She had a total of six babies – but unfortunately on Monday she lost two of them to causes unknown.

One of the pups is a runt and is not nearly as strong or as big as the other three – so we have taken her into our care and we are bottle feeding her until she is stronger… we just don’t want to take any chances. We are feeding every 1.5 hours and giving her subQ fluids as well – she is feisty and eating well at the moment. We will keep updating.

The three that are still with mom are feisty and pushy and very active (with big bellies) – so we are hopeful that they will be just fine. They are being looked after every couple of hours for the next several days.

Here are videos of mom and her pups:

And here is a pic and video taken this morning of the little silver female we are bottling:

Think good thoughts for this little girl – it’s a tough road – but we’ll do everything in our power to get her thru it….


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