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Focusing on the positive…

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on July 30, 2008

A brilliant mind once wrote:

“I’m tired of holding on to the negative shit in my life. I’m REALLY trying to move on from that. I’m tired of hearing about the constant negative shit that is happening in everyone else’s lives. I just want to tell the world that we would all be better off to just let go. Because there is nothing good that will come of the nasty circle of Negative. It will just get stronger……. We need to allow all of the great things that are going on around us to be the most prevalent thing(s) in our lives. ”

Our response: YOOSEDIT, SISTER!

So, in reflecting on recent events, here are some positive thoughts for the day….

– The Stars Down show last night was GRRRREAT.

– We know for sure that RJ is headed where he is supposed to be. Jake and Kev were somehow destined to be his family… and somehow we all knew it. Plus, we made some great friends in the process!

– The pregnant Chi is safe and sound and will not be having babies on a busy street. She is learning to trust and love is and is getting waggier and licky-er every single day.

– The dumpster puppy has turned a 180 and has become the perfect little love muffin thanks to much TLC from the Rossi’s.

– The Pit puppy tossed out a car window last week is doing great – eating well, feeling good – and she is none the worse for wear (amazing how dogs forgive….)

– None of our fosters are ill… currently there are no antibiotics being dispensed. Yayyyy!

– Lacey is doing great work bailing and placing North Central shelter dogs like crazy… you go girl!

– We have an AWESOME veterinarian who has a FANTASTIC staff and we couldn’t be happier with the move over to their office.

– we have AWESOME volunteers who are reliable, fun, and committed… and we have some NEW volunteers who have really impressed us with their willingness to jump in with both feet.

– we have the very coolest cage setup peeps that come to the events and get all the cages and stuff all set up for us and ready to go before we get there so the animals don’t have to sit in the hot cars (thanks Matt, Joan and Flora! you rock!)

– we have, by far, the most coolest dog trainer in the whole world showing dogs with us and being there for me when I’m ready to lose my mind. Thanks Laura – and Jim – for being you.

– and, our cars are running, there’s a couple of bucks in the bank and there is currently no drama to speak of…..


It’s a good day. Thanks for reminding us, Jake. Great things go on around us every single day.


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