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Pit Puppy Problems…

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on July 28, 2008

Sometimes we wonder – actually, a lot of the time we wonder – what the hell is wrong with people?

Last Thursday we received a call from a cat rescue friend that she had been driving down Devonshire near Tampa, and a car in front of her slowed down (not stopped) and rolled down the window and tossed out a Pit Bull puppy into traffic… and then took off with wheels squeeling. The puppy is a 4 month old Chocolate Pittie… and fortunately for her, her injuries were minor (just some road rash). She is very skinny, but also very sweet. Why would someone do that to a puppy? We just don’t get it.

The Chocolate pup doesn’t have a name yet… her are some pix of her:

Then, the very next day (Friday), we get a call about a woman who “bought” a pit puppy when it was 7 weeks old and then something amazing happened. The puppy grew. Can you imagine? Not only did the puppy have the nerve to get bigger… but she started barking. OMG. Then… lo and behold… her apartment manager said… “hey, no pets allowed!”…. so puppy was headed to the shelter. Pits and shelters are not a good combo at all- so we intercepted her.

Her name is Vanna and here are some pix of her:


Again, what is wrong with people? Dogs are living creatures that hurt and feel and love just like people do – why are they so mistreated?

As many of you know, the Foreverhome mascott is a Pit Bull. In 12 years of rescue we have never had a Pit that wasn’t anything but absolutely WONDERFUL. They are fantastic dogs – yet somehow they are the most abused and populate 70% of the shelter system.

Here is one of our most favorite videos on the subject of Pit Bulls:


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