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A Day of Love…

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on July 23, 2008

On Monday we delivered Picasso to her new home where she is living with an elderly man and his daughter. Upon arrival, Picasso immediately went to him and put her head in his lap and showered him with kisses – there was an instant bond. This family lost their Labrador mix to old age in April, and their home has been very empty since then. The family spent the next hour thanking us for bringing Picasso into their lives and talking about how beautiful and wonderful she was. Picasso had been alone – and they had been alone – and now things are just as they should be. It was a wonderful, moving, tearful homecoming for a very sweet dog and a very sweet family.


After Picasso’s delivery, we headed over the Rossi Foster Farm to spend some time with the dumpster puppy and see her progress in person. This puppy is a completely different dog than she was five days ago – she’s happy, bouncy and playful. She even comes up to anyone who meets her to say hi and get pets. The warm fuzzy feeling that comes from watching a shaking, growling, terrified puppy turn into a happy, loving, waggy little character is by far our favorite rescue emotion. The Rossi’s have taught her to trust again – and that is a gift that knows no bounds.


Speaking of gifts, that very same evening we were presented with even more generosity on the part of the Rossi’s. Kendra had designed (and has offered to maintain) our MySpace page (welcome to the world, Foreverhome!). The site is gorgeous and will help us get our message out to the community in ways that the website alone never could. On top of that – and even more amazing – is that Kendra and Lukas had spent hours that day filming and editing a Public Service Announcement for Foreverhome on the subject of shelter overpopulation. Watching it brought tears to our eyes as we know that the efforts of that day on the part of the Rossi’s will most certainly make a difference in the lives of many, many animals.


Our new MySpace page:

Our new Public Service Announcement:


There are a lot of tough days in rescue… days where we want to cry – when we are exhausted emotionally, physically and financially. The things we see and hear every day –  the abuse, neglect and abandonment we witness every day – can be extremely disheartening. However, every once in a while there is a day like this that lifts our spirits and renews our faith in the world. There is love out there – you just have to Take A Chance on it.


One Response to “A Day of Love…”

  1. Marianne said

    I am so happy to see loving caring people like you all. I have seen the video of the Rossi’s angel. I would never have guessed she had been mistreated by the way she was responding to them. They are remarkable!

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