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Fourth Of July Coming!

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on July 3, 2008

This weekend is by far the worst weekend of the year in the shelter system. So many hundreds of animals end up in the shelters because of the fireworks… they get freaked out and break through windows and gates and end up running loose. Normally the population at any city shelter will increase by 30% or more over the five days following the 4th of July. When so many animals come IN to the shelter – that means that animals have to leave the shelter. And they don’t leave out the front door. It’s a big “kill” time and it’s depressing – especially for rescuers.

We know that it is the “law” that animals be turned into the shelter when found running loose – but if the public were willing to keep the animal for a few days and place ads in papers and put flyers out, it could save a life at the shelter.  Just a thought.

Please keep your pets safe this weekend. I know I’ll be spending the entire day and night on Friday inside my home with my foster dogs around me – assuring them that everything will be okay.

Be safe.



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