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Morris soon to be free…

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on June 25, 2008

Sometimes in rescue you come accross a kitty that simply does not want to be indoors. Morris is such a kitty. He was found in a parking lot of our vet’s office in the rain one morning… he meowed and meowed just begging to be picked up – so we did. We got him neutered and vaccinated and tested and placed him up for adoption.  He is probably about two years old, and other than meeting him in the parking lot we have no idea what his history is. We suspect he was dumped there by his family.

A couple of weeks ago he got placed into a home where he immediately freaked out, ran up and down the walls and howled for two days. He even scratched the crap out of his new daddy (to the point of stitches) and behaved almost feral. Being inside a home made him very uncomfortable – and we can’t help but think that this is because he’s never been indoors his whole life.

So Morris is in our “conversion kennels” where he is outdoors on a carport and getting used to the sights, smells and sounds of the neighborhood before we release him to be the outdoor cat he wants to be.  He will spend a couple of weeks out there, and hopefully when we release him he will stick around and partake of the kitty food buffet provided at this location.

We do hope that he doesn’t cause any trouble with the existing feral population – he was, after all, a TomCat prior to being neutered. We’ve got our fingers crossed that he assimilates well. He will most certainly be welcome indoors when/if he wants to be… and it will be encouraged if the weather is bad.

Fortunately Morris is a street-smart cat and should do well keeping himself safe out in the big bad world.


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