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Penelope goes home!

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on June 18, 2008

Last night I did a meet-n-greet with Penelope. First I stopped at our Petco to have her groomed so she wouldn’t smell so “doggie” for the meeting with a dog that I was told was “very picky” about what other dogs she likes. A wonderful couple with a sweet Scottie named Maggie wanted to see if Mags would tolerate another doggie in her world.

We met blocks from the home and walked together for a while – the two sniffed butts and ignored eachother… and when we got back to their home, Maggie started “poking” at Penelope trying to get her to play. Penelope started bouncing and posturing to play, and from then on, it was game time!

Penelope is a very playful girl – and so is Maggie. I think that as long as they learn to respect eachother’s space (and food!) they will become BFFs in no time. Penelope has a crate in the den where the family spends a lot of time – and also one in the bedroom for sleeping in. Maggie stleeps in an ex-pen nearby too.

I know that over the next few days they will have a few tussles to determine who is the queen in the house – and I’m hoping that whichever ones wants to be Alpha, that the other one allows it and they continue to be great friends. I’ve got my fingers crossed!


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