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Weekend Adoptions and Updates..

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on June 16, 2008

Adoptions were very busy all weekend long. I bet i talked to 200 people about everything from low cost spay neuter references to the all-too-common “get your baby puppy off the floor!” conversations that we have every weekend with people about their tiny, unvaccinated pups. We took several applications and there were more via email – so it looks like it is turning out to be a successful weekend. We had over 4700 pet views last week on petfinder!

Tonight I am delivering a pair of doggies to a new foster home (thanks K&L!). I suspect that one of them will be staying at the home permanently, tho.

Tomorrow night I am doing a meet-n-greet with Penelope and her hopeful new family to see if she can get along with their temperamental Scottie. I hope so – Penelope is a DOLL and deserves a great home.

Wednesday night I may have a kitty delivery… a sweet black teenage kitty.

Petey got to meet his (hopefully!) new best friend the Weimeraner this weekend. As long as that home check goes well, it looks like Petey has a home (note: well NO DUH! Petey has got to be the most wonderfully sweet dog on the planet… I loved him the minute I saw him and he slobbered all up my face. Imagine that he sat at a county shelter for 3 months!)

Friday I’ll be out of town – then adoptions again Sat. Busy week!

No such luck (still) on catching the elusive Chihuahua….


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