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No luck yet on trapping doggie…

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on June 12, 2008

We went again last night to the location where the tiny Chihuahua is still running loose. I showed the people who live there how to set the trap themselves and left it with them. No luck last night – and we used hot dogs! Hopefully the little guy will start to get used to the trap being there and get more comfortable at some point so that he goes in it. Poor thing. WIll keep you updated.

Wrote this last night:



I don’t know what has happened,
little dog,
that life has found you here…


Your coat so matted,
so painfully thin,
your eyes so full of fear…


I don’t know if you can forgive,
little dog,
If people have caused you pain…


If they’ve hit and kicked and
yelled at you,

and left you out in the rain…


I don’t know how you hurt,
little dog,
or how long you’ve been alone…


But with the boards on the windows
and the sign out front,
it’s clear that nobody’s home…


Did you live here in this house,
little dog…
or come from far away?


Why this street, this house, this bush?
What has made you stay?


Please let me help you,
little dog,
I promise a gentle hand, soft voice, and warm bed…


I promise that you will never again be mistreated,

You’ll always be sheltered, loved and fed…


Come on, walk in the trap,
little dog,
you know that you want that bone….


Let’s leave this lonely place together –

Let’s go find your Foreverhome.


-2008 Foreverhome Pet Rescue, Inc.



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