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Sweet Isabella….

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on May 13, 2008

Last August some idiot put three 2/3 week old kittens in an empty diaper box, taped it shut and left it in front of the Petco where we do adoptions. We bottle-fed those babies, raised them up into healthy kitties, and then found homes for them. Two of them went together to the same home, the other one went to a different home with a non-littermate kitten.

In January the adopters of the pair called me to tell me that they had lost both of their babies to FIP. One had the dry form, the other had the wet form. Both were positively diagnosed. FIP is extremely rare – and pretty much unheard of in the San Fernando Valley…. 11 years of rescuing kitties and I’ve never had experience with it before. It is an awful, horrible disease that is absolutely fatal – and to make it worse, it cannot be treated, it cannot be prevented and it cannot be diagnosed except at autopsy. It is a nightmare.

Knowing what had happened with the pair of babies, I of course had to inform the adopters of the last kitten in the litter (kittens are most often born with FIP and the odds are VERY high that the other kitten would suffer the same fate). I made them aware of the situation – and they educated themselves on the disease and waited for their nightmare to begin.

Surprisingly, weeks and months went by and their kitty was okay. I kept my fingers crossed and kept in touch with them and she was still doing fine. Until this weekend.

On Saturday she started showing symptoms of the dry FIP – walking like she’s drunk and a low grade fever. She went to the vet and got Interferon and antibiotics, but her condition has worsened every day and we are all preparing for the worst.

Last night she barely walked at all and seemed quite a bit more lethargic. She’s not in any pain right now and her family has assured me that they will not allow her to suffer… but the day for “the decision” is coming. 

My heart goes out to Kendra and Lukas. I know that they are devastated and that the days ahead will be extremely difficult. We had all hoped that perhaps Isabella was one of the lucky ones that you read about… the one kitten in the litter that somehow avoided the disease.

I will update regularly…


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