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Some past adopter visits recently….

Posted by foreverhomepetrescue on May 13, 2008

We just love it when past adopters stop by and tell us how wonderful their new pets are doing and how much they love them. It is even better when they actually bring the pet with them so that we can see how happy and healthy they are! That is what rescue is all about!

This last Saturday, May 10 we had visits from two past adopters.

The family that adopted Sahara a yeat ago, a cute little Pomeranian mix, stopped by adoptions to tell us how wonderful she is. They have since adopted two more dogs and now have a well-adjusted pack of pups at home.

I also got to see Boris and his mommy. Boris came to us last year with Natasha (who is still available for adoption) from a Backyard Breeder who just “didn’t want to deal with them anymore”…. he is doing fantastic and is happy and waggy and gorgeous. I even think he remembered me!

Last weekend we had a visit from Shiloh’s family (now named Rita)… she was a senior German Shepherd that we placed late last year. They love her to death and she looks fantastic and happy. Nothing better than a family that adopts a senior doggie!

And… of course… the visit of all visits: Holly and her family have been coming by adoptions. Holly was a very sweet Pit Bull that I fostered for over 2 years – she was (and is) a very, very special girl. Her new mommy and daddy just LOVE her – they take her everywhere… she gets to go on car rides every day and go walking in the park. She’s loving life. The first time she came to visit after the adoption (about a month ago now) she was happy to see me – but when they left she didn’t even look back… and THAT is just perfect. That is what we love to see. She was like, “I miss you and I love you, but I gotta go home now…” Yayyyyyyy!



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